Love Compatibility

Astro Future lets you investigate the love match between 2 people in the synastry charts as well as your personal love prospects in the natal chart with transits. By tapping on any of the 3 circles at the bottom of the chart, Astro Future unveils the hidden information in the chart.


Matching Elements

To share similar ideas and life’s expectations, it is upmost important that the elements of 2 persons fit well together, especially the elements of Sun and Moon. Astro Future calculates and shows the compatibility of Sun and Moon elements.



A second important part of a relationship is harmony or the balance between Yin and Yang. Are you willing to develop each other? Is there a balance between giving and taking? Is there commitment to fight for the relationship? The Sun - Moon aspects determine if a relationship is bound for harmony or for tension.



Finally, to keep the bond lasting, a strong mutual attraction has to exist. This passion is driven by the Venus - Mars aspects.